Why Isn't Your AC Contactor Closing?

There's a tiny electrical component inside your air conditioner that's critical to its operation. The contactor is a small switch that operates similarly to a relay. Like a relay, your contactor allows a low-voltage control source to engage and disengage high-voltage power. Unlike a relay, the contactor in your AC can take power from two 120V sources and provide the necessary 240V for your compressor. Since the contactor's job is to engage and disengage the compressor, your air conditioning system cannot function without it.

3 Signs To Watch For That Indicate Your New Home Needs Air Conditioning Repairs

If you've recently bought your first house, you may not be familiar with air conditioning maintenance and repair. If you've always lived in apartments, then someone else handled problems with your AC. Now that you own your own home, you need to keep up with maintenance on your AC and stay alert for signs the equipment needs to be repaired. Here are three signs your AC could be malfunctioning and it's time to call an air conditioning repair company.

What Should You Do When Your Furnace Decides To Freeze You Out?

"You had one job!" Furnaces don't seem to have a tough life. After all, they only have to do one thing: produce warm, cozy heat all winter long. They even get the summer off for their troubles. Unfortunately, furnaces can sometimes be stubborn, and you may find that yours is giving you the cold shoulder and refusing to keep your home at the comfortable temperatures you expect. Cold or lukewarm air coming from your vents can make for a frustrating winter night.

Is A Condenser Fan Failing On Your Walk-In Freezer?

If your business relies on a walk-in to keep food cold, you know how disheartening it can be to step into your freezer and discover rising temperatures. While a slight increase may not ruin your stores, any sign of trouble means the clock is ticking on fixing the problem. Unfortunately, complex commercial refrigeration systems have numerous potential failure points. One possible and relatively common issue can occur with the condenser fans.

Dealing With An Air Conditioner That Doesn't Get Cold

Did you notice that your air conditioner has remained at the same temperature after running it for a long time? When an air conditioner is in such a condition, pinpointing the root of the problem can be a complicated task. One of the reasons why is because when an air conditioner stops getting as cold as it should, there could be several parts of the system that might be the problem.